Want to grow? Not getting "fed" enough at typical weekly meetings or Sunday mornings? Here's part of the answer (obviously nothing is better than a daily Quiet Time with God for your growth). Click any of the links below to access an entire semester worth of content on that topic. We hope and trust these resources will encourage you in your faith!

Get tons of MP3s here. 

Semester 1: Essentials of the Christian Life.

Semester 2: Building a Strong Foundation.

Semester 3: Growing with Jesus.

Semester 4: Becoming Mature in Your Faith.

Semester 5: Relationships and Society.

Semester 6: Evangelism and Discipleship Training.

Semester 7: Defending Your Faith (Basic Apologetics) & Get the God Solution radio show (much more on apologetics) here.

Semester 8: Ministry Fundamentals.

Semester 9: Ministry Leadership.

Semester 10: Leadership fundamentals

Semester 11: The "Myth" Busters Class

Semester 12: Debates, Forums and Random Topics.

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