Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Foundation for Ministry

All mature believers are called to be involved in the Great Commission, reaching this world for Christ and discipling younger believers. Here are a few classes that will help you lay a solid foundation for ministry.

1. Who's on the Throne? (Ministry won't work without this!)
2. The Challenge.
3. Having the Right Perspective in Ministry.
4. The Greatest Revival in History is Imminent.
5. Ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.
6. A Life of Impact.
7. A Heart of Prayer.
8. Spiritual Warfare.
9. Influencing Others for Christ.
10. Faithful with little for the sake of the little.
11. Motivation to Serve God.
12. Leading without Insecurities.
13. Expanding Your Expectations!
14. God does great things through small ministries!
15. 5 Keys for Reaching Young People for Christ.
16. Learn how to prepare and teach a lesson from scripture.
17. Producing fruit for God.
18. Be 100 times more fruitful!
19. Our role in God's plan.
20. The Great Commission.

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