We want to pray for you!!! Please leave us your prayer needs as a comment below this page or text them to Nate at 970-946-9045 and we will be praying! You can either share your name or leave the comment anonymous. Thanks for letting us pray for you! If you want a staff person to be praying for you (instead of posting here), contact one of the staff here

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  1. Could you pray for me and my girlfriend as we will be far away from each other for some time. My name is Isaac Cordova and I will be leaving for basic training in California for the Marines on October 8th. My girlfriend,Hannah Bernat, is a freshman this year attending FLC and my prayer is God will really watch over her and send her some Christian friends who can be there for her through when times gets hard. I believe God sent her into my life for a reason and I want people to be in her life who won't hurt her. She means the world to me so if you could pray for our relationship to prosper and never lose its true love I would really appreciate it! Thank you