You're about to enter an exciting time of life where everything you've ever believed will be challenged in ways you never imagined. Your faith in Jesus is strong and can withstand any attack. There are solid answers to any questions you may be asking. We're here to help you as you encounter doubt and we know your faith will grow stronger as you find the answers you're looking for. We believe that basic aplogetics training (apologetics comes from the Greek word Apologia, meaning "to give a defense") can greatly help you stand strong on campus.

Get our basic apologetics resource, the Best Facts, by clicking here.

Listen to archives of Nate's apologetics radio show here.

Message Nate on Facebook, or call or text him at 970-946-9045 to talk more about questions and doubts you're encountering.

Whatever your questions, you will not be judged or alienated. We're here for you!!!

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