Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BBQ at the Herbsts, Thursday!

BBQ at the Herbsts!!! Yes, it will be amazing! This is your big chance to escape from campus for a few hours, hang out with a ton of great friends and have a great time. Come for dinner and fun. We will be having BBQ for dinner!! After dinner we will discuss any questions people have. Questions will be kept anonymous and the discussion will be amazing. Everyone is welcome!! Come meet new friends and eat free food! There will also be time for some of you to sit in the hot tub afterwards! Meet for rides at the Union Bus Stop at 6:00. Call Nate at 970-946-9045 or Erin at 970-394-4131 for info. Get the invite on facebook here

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Connect in the amphitheater Tuesday at 7:30 (SLC 119 if it rains)

Connect is an amazing community of friends. We have more fun than anyone on campus. Connect is a group that focusses on authentic friendships and growing closer to God. Connect meets every Tuesday on campus. This Tuesday we will meet in the amphitheater at 7:30 pm (if it rains we'll move into SLC 119). This week we'll be doing a raffle at the start and giving away a new Ipod Touch, itunes gift cards, Serious Texas BBQ gift cards, a Durango Joe's coffee card, t-shirts and more. After that we'll have a short message, music and close it all out with pizza and hanging out. Please come hang out and bring any friends who'd like to come as well. Get the facebook invite to this week's event here, friend Nate here or like the Connect page here. See you Tuesday!!!

Oh, yeah, the raffle items as of now (Sunday night):

And a short video about some of the fun at Connect:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rides to local churches!

Hello dear college students! It's been great meeting you all. Meet at the Union bus stop (by the post office) on campus Sunday at 9:30 am for rides to local churches. Be ready for a spontaneous trip to the coffee shop or lunch afterwards just in case! Hope to see you tomorrow!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Join us for the BBQ!

It's time to BBQ and hang out!!! The Huge kick off BBQ at Santa Rita Park is Saturday, August 27th at 5 pm. Rides will leave the Student Union bus stop at 5 pm. You can also just meet us there if you like (Get directions here). Please come and join us! You can get the facebook invite by clicking here and let us know you'll be joining us (but you can always just show up even if you didn't RSVP). This will be a great time to have good food, make a ton of new friends and have a blast. We'll be playing frisbee, basketball, volleyball and just hanging out. It will be a blast. As always, it is free. Hope to see you there! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dealing with Doubt

Dealing with Doubt: "C.S. Lewis wrote in Mere Christianity that as an atheist there were many nights he went to bed doubting the whole thing but as a Christian..." Click here for more!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Growing with Jesus!

Growth requires intentionality. These classes will help you grow in your walk with God!

1. Who's on the Throne? (All growth starts here!)

Connect Crushing Fear!

Dakota's Story

Ashlie's Story

Why Jesus?

Joseph's Story

Witnessing for the First Time!

Michael's Story


Truth Survey

Laura's Story

Student Stories 1

Student Stories 2

Ronnie's Story

Student Stories 3

Debates, Forums and Random Topics

Debates, forums, Q&As & other stuff:

1. Who's on the Throne? (Seriously, don't debate or answer questions without this!)
2. Debate on the Existence of God & Morality.
6. TRC Evangelism Q&A.
7. A Discussion About the Great Commission.
8. Defeating Sex Slavery.
9. 2003 KDUR Abortion Interview.
10. Busting the Abortion Industry - An interview with Lila Rose.
11. Personhood and Abortion Debate.
12. End Abortion Now.
13. A discussion on where the world's at and where it is going.
14. A discussion on faith, hope and love.

Evangelism and Discipleship Training

All believers are called to share their faith. Check out some of these classes for evangelism training and ideas.

1. Who's on the Throne?
2. 5 tips to SHARE your faith!
3. Share the Good News.
4. Good News vs. Bad Lies.
5. Words are Necessary.
6. Basic Evangelism Training.
7. Sharing Your Testimony.
8. Evangelism Workshop Pt:1
9. Evangelism Workshop Pt:2
10. How to fearlessly bring Christ into any conversation.
11. How to Share Your Faith with Confidence - Pt. 1.
12. How to Share Your Faith with Confidence - Pt. 2.
13. Evangelism Q&A.
14. Following up with Someone After Sharing the Gospel with Them.
15. Basic discipleship 1.
16. Basic discipleship 2.
17. The Great Commission.

Relationships and Society

The world around you might seem like it is all on fire. Our society is chaotic and relationships are confused. Get some of the answers to these issues in this class.

1. Who's on the Throne? (Relationships are doomed to fail without this foundation!)
2. Agape Unconditional Love.
7. Sex.
13. Understanding the Times (more here)
14. Drowning in a Sea of Lies.
15. Hope During the Recession in the Economy.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Foundation for Ministry

All mature believers are called to be involved in the Great Commission, reaching this world for Christ and discipling younger believers. Here are a few classes that will help you lay a solid foundation for ministry.

1. Who's on the Throne? (Ministry won't work without this!)
2. The Challenge.
3. Having the Right Perspective in Ministry.
4. The Greatest Revival in History is Imminent.
5. Ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.
6. A Life of Impact.
7. A Heart of Prayer.
8. Spiritual Warfare.
9. Influencing Others for Christ.
10. Faithful with little for the sake of the little.
11. Motivation to Serve God.
12. Leading without Insecurities.
13. Expanding Your Expectations!
14. God does great things through small ministries!
15. 5 Keys for Reaching Young People for Christ.
16. Learn how to prepare and teach a lesson from scripture.
17. Producing fruit for God.
18. Be 100 times more fruitful!
19. Our role in God's plan.
20. The Great Commission.

Becoming Mature in Your Faith

Becoming Mature in Your Faith is a class for those who have grown significantly in their walk with God and are ready to begin being more outward focused.

1. Who's on the Throne? (Maturity begins here!)
2. Taking initiative in your walk with God.
3. Jesus the Revolutionary!
4. Staying on fire for God.
5. Committed to Jesus.
6. Spiritual gifts and talents discovered.
7. Spiritual gifts and talents invested.
8. Life, Death and an Eternal Perspective.
9. Humility.
10. Self-discipline.
11. Managing your money.
12. Thinking Biblically. (Get the "Myth" busters class here).
13. The Cost of Discipleship.
14. Passion for Christ.
15. Faith that Moves Mountains.
16. Knowing God’s Will for Certain.
17. Eternal significance & Life Purpose (More on finding your purpose here).
18. Taking Risks and Living a Life of Adventure.
19. Take a Stand at College.

A Foundation for Christian Maturity

No matter who you are, the Connect classes on Christian maturity will help you lay the foundation needed for God to use you in huge ways! Enjoy:

1. Who's on the Throne?
2. You are God's Masterpiece, His Signature Work.
3. Lives that Please God.
4. Living Water.
5. Jesus' View of my Sin.
6. Seeing My Sin how God Sees It.
7. Understanding and Beating The Sin Cycle.
8. Experiencing Complete Victory Over Sin.
9. The Fear of God.
10. Surrender: Victory in Retreat.
11. Hope.
12. The endurance inspired by hope.
13. Confident, Bold and Strong!
14. Getting Real with God.
15. Dependence on God.
16. The Fruit of the Spirit!
17. Standing Strong.

Getting Started with God

Here are some of the Connect classes on getting started in your walk with God. Whether you're a new believer or not, these will definitely encourage you a ton!

1. The Love of the Father.
2. God is Passionate About You.
3. God is Real and Relevant. (More on that here)
4. Experiencing Christ's power.
5. Encountering Jesus.
6. Responding to His call.
7. Kingdom Citizens.
8. Following Christ as Lord.
9. Living and walking by faith.
10. Faith, hope and love. 
11. Power of the Holy Spirit.
12. The Spirit filled life.
13. Who's on the Throne?
14. The Bible (More on God's Word here)
15. Prayer.
16. Obeying God.
17. Worship.
18. Keeping Your Eyes on Christ.