Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting Started with God

Here are some of the Connect classes on getting started in your walk with God. Whether you're a new believer or not, these will definitely encourage you a ton!

1. The Love of the Father.
2. God is Passionate About You.
3. God is Real and Relevant. (More on that here)
4. Experiencing Christ's power.
5. Encountering Jesus.
6. Responding to His call.
7. Kingdom Citizens.
8. Following Christ as Lord.
9. Living and walking by faith.
10. Faith, hope and love. 
11. Power of the Holy Spirit.
12. The Spirit filled life.
13. Who's on the Throne?
14. The Bible (More on God's Word here)
15. Prayer.
16. Obeying God.
17. Worship.
18. Keeping Your Eyes on Christ.

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