Saturday, August 13, 2011


Connect's basic apologetics classes will help you know what and why you believe what you do and how to defend that. 

1. Who's on the Throne? (Apologetics needs the right foundation!)
2. The Top 12 Lies You'll Hear in College
3. 21 Signs you’re being lied to.
4. Reasons to Believe
5. Is That True?
6. 5 Reasons Naturalism Fails
7. The Big Bang
8. Creation or evolution: where does the science lead?
9. Why Trust Jesus?
10. Ignorance Interrupted - A review of Jesus Interrupted and Bart Ehrman
11. Are the Gospels Myth or Reality - An interview with Dr. Craig Blomberg
12. Irrefutable Evidence for Resurrection!
13. More Evidence for the Resurrection - An interview with Dr. Gary Habermas
14. Religion, Spirituality and Christianity
15. New Age or Ancient Truth - An Interview with Dr. Groothuis
16. The Problem of Pain (More on that here)
17. The Truth About Heaven (more on heaven here)
18. The Truth About Hell (more on hell here)
19. Dealing with Doubt. (More on that from Dr. Gary Habermas here).
20. Trust, Faith, Science and Skepticism.
21. Be Confident in Your Faith
22. Conquer Unbelief
23. True Tolerance and Diversity (New)
24. The Trilema (New)
25. Evolution and Intelligent Design (New)
26. Evolutionary Biologist Defends Creation (New)
27. Religious Pluralism (New)

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