Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome to FLC!!!

We are so excited to share some of the best years of your life with you. Master Plan Ministries / Connect is a non-denominational Christian RSO (Registered Student Organization) that has been active here at FLC for 27 years. 

Our weekly meeting is called Connect but it is just one of the many things we do. Connect exists to Connect every student to a vibrant, life-giving relationship with Jesus, authentic life-changing friendships with each other and a lifelong sense of identity and purpose. The first two Connects will be in the Amphitheater (weather permitting) and we'll have a great time. 

We also have dinners, small group Bible studies, retreats, trips, outdoor activities and much more so check out the schedule tab for more info. Feel free to check out all the tabs for that matter. 

We are convinced your college years can be some of the greatest years of your life and hope you'll join us and grow together with us as we continue pursuing Jesus Christ. We can't wait to meet you. 

Check out the staff tab and send a message to one of our staff. We'd love to buy you a coffee and get to know you. 

Finally, check out the MP3 below for some great reasons you can be confident in your faith as you arrive on campus. 

See you soon!

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